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Electrician in North Vancouver

Now you too can access the legitimate services offered by RST Electrical Group, a North Vancouver Electrician. We offer you great and invitingly priced residential, industrial, and commercial services. You’ll appreciate that we are the only Electrician in North Vancouver with an unmatched census for faults and mismanagement. We possess all the required technical skills and proficiency to fulfill your undertakings.

At RST Electrical Group, we live up to delivering all your work in a set period and within an agreed-upon budget. We are a crack team of electrical experts who can conduct operational upgrades, routine facility maintenance, electrical installations, perform and interpret power calculations, power factor, positive relay, and insulation tests, among others, as needed. Think of what you need to look forward to!

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Electrician North Vancouver?

This is your moment! We are devoted to helping you satisfy all your electrical needs within 24 hours. At RST Electrical Group, we believe that our esteemed clients demand speedy and customized electrical solutions that will provide more value for their hard-earned money.

We affirm that your property will get maximum care and protection if you entrust us with serving you. We are a one-of-a-kind Electrician in North Vancouver who takes on paramount staff members to conduct all the tasks at your site to reduce the likelihood of deadly and thoughtless mishaps.

You can turn to us with confidence to provide you with a timely arrival response time.

Let RST Electrical Group pamper you with splendid customer service that will meet and exceed your expectations in addition to positively helping you. We are grateful for the many customers who have left positive reviews after using our services for their electrical needs. Try us today!

RST Electrical Group heavily emphasizes quality over quantity. We are a competitive North Vancouver Electrician. Since we always implement a quality management system, we listen to our customers, and we endeavour to test all our products and services before delivering them to you. Our premium quality equipment meets all the Canadian regulatory standards.

Don’t hesitate to call us first whenever you want matchless services from an Electrician in North Vancouver who provides their clients with authoritative advice to pave a way forward for all their electrical requirements.

We are always available when you need us to avail you with fair and exact invoices for the electrical services you need from us. Sleep secure knowing that we never exaggerate our price structure, and we charge you based on what we agreed upon.

The results are in! Call us first for feedback regarding comments, suggestions, inquiries on your different electrical needs and sample the real-life responses from actual human beings trained and experienced in this field.

If you are seriously interested in getting expert help for all your electrical needs from a verified North Vancouver Electrician, then RST Electrical Group is here for you. We guarantee that we shall come to your premises with all the necessary equipment packed in our spacious modern vehicles to handle immediate installations and repairs for you.

North Vancouver Electrician Near You

Hire a reliable Electrician in North Vancouver to do the operations for you without any interruptions. At RST Electrical Group, we are privileged to provide all North Vancouver residents with world-class residential, industrial, and commercial electrical services that enable them to pursue creative, cost-effective, and innovative solutions.

Our team ensures efficiency, clarity, and utmost quality at each step of your project. Our company serves the areas located near North Vancouver, which include the following:

β€’ West End
β€’ Yale town
β€’ Broadway
β€’ Hastings
β€’ Granville Island
β€’ Chinatown
β€’ FalseCreek
β€’ Coal Harbour
β€’ Olympic Village
β€’ Kitsilano
β€’ East Vancouver
β€’ Gastown
β€’ Metro Vancouver
β€’ Downtown Vancouver



North Vancouver Commercial Electricians

Say β€œyes” to the true commercial Electrician in North Vancouver. At RST Group, we are an outstanding team of professional electricians, which can accomplish all your electrical projects in a short period while following high-performance standards. You won’t be disappointed with our top services to you.

We recognise that time lost is never regained, which is why we provide you with timely electrical services on agreed budgets. Try to imagine the alternative. We are the leading North Vancouver Electrician that will offer you custom-made solutions for your commercial electrical needs.

Our electricians can work in large buildings such as office buildings, restaurants, government buildings, shopping malls, and high rises. The work we perform in commercial buildings includes installing electrical and wiring components such as lights and switches, maintaining and inspecting electrical systems. We check electrical systems to see that they work, are safe, and are up to code. We also plan electrical systems for new construction.

North Vancouver Residential Electricians

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! At RST Electrical Group, we are the best residential electrician in North Vancouver who works in residential buildings to install, maintain, inspect, and repair electrical components, systems, and wirings. Above all, we are aware of and follow local regulations for electrical safety and systems.


North Vancouver Industrial Electricians

Attention! RST Electrical Group is a renowned team of industrial electricians that reads and interprets drawings, blueprints, schematics, and electrical code specifications to establish the layout of industrial electrical equipment installations. We are the expert North Vancouver Electrician who install, assess, and repair receptacles, electrical wiring, feeders, coaxial cable, and fibre optic assemblies, switch boxes, lighting fixtures, among other electrical components.

We test electronic and electrical equipment and components to check for voltage, current, continuity, and resistance. Experience our unique services such as maintenance, repair, installation, and testing of switchgear, transformers, regulators, switchboard meters, and reactors.

We are the trusted Electrician in North Vancouver to handle your industrial electrical solutions in terms of conducting preventive maintenance programs, and we also keep your maintenance records.

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We are ready to prove whatever we claim. Call us at RST Electrical Group for your free estimate if you intend to solve all your electrical burdens. You’ve got an important decision to make for all your commercial, residential, and industrial electrical needs with our unmatched services.

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Supreme Electricians: Electrifying Results

Charge up your next electrical project with RST Electrical

The Best In North Vancouver

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RST Electrical:

Making Shockwaves Throughout North Vancouver & Surrounding areas

Electrical services need to be done with the highest level of precision and accuracy: otherwise, things can go haywire. Luckily, RST Electrical has both the expertise and technical skills to nail your project in one go. No errors and no faults: just pure optimum service delivered on time, within your budget.

We are a high-quality certified full service electrical company, bonded and insured to guarantee you a safe and secure remodeling of your space. Our team is powered by some of the most experienced electrical contractors in North Vancouver, bringing together top-notch professionalism and knowledge to crush your electrical needs in one shot:

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Pump Some Energy Into Your Building

Discover The Power Of Our Supercharged Services

Residential Services:

Your home deserves the best electrical makeover there is. Let us recharge your residence with our built-to-last electrical services that secure you the results you need on time and designed for consistency. From flawless panel changes, complete service upgrades, up-to-par renovations, and seamless electrical installations to full home electrical inspections, easy installment of smoke detectors and more, RST has got you covered.

Commercial Services:

Taking care of a business’ electrical needs in Vancouver can be challenging. With RST, it doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of our high-powered electrical skills and expertise to secure both the advice and the results you need to take your electrical project to the next level. Sound property maintenance consultancy and bespoke solutions, superb outdoor lighting, standard tenant refurbishments, quick lighting/ballast replacements and more: count on RST Electrical to bring you the services you need.

Industrial Services:

Large-scale industrial electrical services requires the know-how of a reputable team that’ll get the job done right the first time. RST is poised to do so. We cover all the essential services you need to stay on top of your industrial site. From comprehensive troubleshooting to careful motor wiring/hookups and more, our team of expert professionals will power up your project in a flash.

Residential Services:

Panel Changes & Service Upgrades
New Construction Projects
Home Electrical Inspections
Lighting Design/Installation
Aluminum/Copper Rewiring
Any Types of Plugs Replacement
Electrical Heating/Fans
Smoke/Heat Detectors
And much more.

Commercial Services:

Property Maintenance
Tenant Improvements
1 Phase/3 Phase Transformers
Lighting, Ballast Replacing
Special Plugs Replacement
New Service Installations
Relamping Service
Energy Savings Lamps
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Sign Connection
And much more.

Industrial Services:

Motors Wiring/Hook up
And much more.


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RST electrical group is the best . ryan guys did these so beautiful lighting for our back yard stairs . i wanted to say thank you for the ryan team specially from saeid and rass. they really specialist in electrical and very cool guys. the price was very reasonable in comparing with other company . I highly recommended.


austin dale

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They Upgraded my panel. The price was great. I am very impressed with the integrity and workmanship of this company. They take pride in their company and their standards are what i would like to see more of in other companies .I will definitely have them come back in the near future for my other projects.


Iain Greer

photo 2

This company was incredible. Their electrician showed up on time attended upgraded our services to 200 amps and pass the inspection in first time . The installation I need was done in no time to the highest standard to my full satisfaction. That guys cleaned the work area after they were done and didn't try to upsell me. Thank you very much!


Monica Brener

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