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Electrician in West Vancouver

Do something extraordinary! Make RST Electrical Group your trusted partner in solving all your electrical needs. We are a commanding Electrician in West Vancouver that is ready to offer every West Vancouver resident excellent industrial, commercial, and residential electrical services at a subsidized price.

You are the one who benefits from our zero-tolerance policy for errors and omissions whenever we deliver electrical services to you. Our crème de la crème team of electricians is well trained and vetted to handle different electrical projects according to the set minimum operation standards. We perform and achieve our desired goals with less effort and more effective strategies because of our excellent time management skills. We strongly dislike procrastination and missed deadlines.

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Why call us first as your

Electrician in West Vancouver?

Our efficient time management skills make us more productive in accomplishing all your electrical needs in a short period. We are the West Vancouver Electrician who always completes our tasks quickly without compromising the work's quality.

We offer the added advantage of handling your property with the utmost care during our electrical operations to minimize vandalism and slash costs associated with repair and maintenance.

We take tremendous pride in offering you with timely arrival response time every day.

At RST Electrical Group, we invest in customer service to improve our business operations and relationships with our customers. We provide top-notch customer service to clients in need of electrical solutions, which has helped us retain more customers who believe in our strengths over other competitors.

As an Electrician in West Vancouver, our dedication to offering all our valued customers high-quality services is unbeatable. We have a collection of electrical services that will solve and improve your electrical challenges. The services we provide are customized to solve the needs of particular clients.

It would be best to call us first whenever you need expert advice on how to solve all your electrical problems. We are willing to come up with viable solutions together.

Don't settle for second best. We always provide you with accurate and equitable invoices. We are not after short term profit maximization at the expense of our customers and other shareholders. At RST Group, we don't cut corners or reduce service quality because we uphold our high values.

Expect a timely response to all your comments, suggestions, and recommendations regarding our services. We never ignore your side of the story concerning our electrical services.

We are the West Vancouver Electrician that is ready to accomplish your electrical projects with all the advanced tools and equipment required.

West Vancouver Electrician Near You

Choose RST Electrical Group to provide you with superior quality electrical solutions. We are a licensed and insured electrical contractor ensuring a high level of excellence to our clients. We are continually striving to uphold professionalism and excellence in all our undertakings. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with reliable and prompt commercial, industrial, and residential services, excellent customer care, and upfront pricing.

Besides West Vancouver, RST Electrical Group serves other surrounding areas, which include the following:

β€’ Coal Harbour
β€’ Olympic Village
β€’ FalseCreek
β€’ Chinatown
β€’ Granville Island
β€’ Hastings
β€’ Broadway
β€’ Downtown Vancouver
β€’ Metro Vancouver
β€’ Yale town
β€’ West End
β€’ Gastown
β€’ East Vancouver
β€’ Kitsilano



West Vancouver Commercial Electricians

Light the space with your commercial electrical contractor, RST Electrical Group. We are the revered Electrician in West Vancouver, and our electricians are trained to operate in large workspaces with complicated electrical circuits. We are commercial electricians who handle large scale electrical work in terms of installing wires and electrical units. We do maintenance for electrical systems, inspect issues in your wiring, check whether electrical systems are following the codes, and diagnose all the electrical challenges in the area you need to work on.

We make plans for new installations and systems awaiting construction and make and read technical drawings for you, among other commercial electrical duties.

West Vancouver Residential Electricians

We've got the solution to your residential electrical needs. RST Group is the West Vancouver Electrician that works in home settings, such as single-family dwellings, condos, townhomes, and large apartment complexes.

Our electricians will inspect electrical components such as ventilation, air conditioning, ceiling fans in households to ensure that they are operating safely and smoothly. They can also install new lighting systems, wiring, alongside other electrical components.

We affirm that our fully-trained electricians can replace your old wiring in your residential area in addition to replacing old and worn-out electrical components. At RST Group, we follow the Canadian authorities’ latest health and safety guidelines to maximize safety.

We have to safely fit tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs), which is recommended if you have little ones playing around at home. TRRs prevent young children from striking foreign objects into plug sockets, which can cause electric shocks.


West VancouverIndustrial Electricians

Think about your ideal West Vancouver Electrician, RST Electrical Group, whenever you want commendable electrical services for your industrial needs. We are ever-ready to install new or refurbished equipment for manufacturing or production plants. We run tests to ensure that new machinery is ready for implementation and rectify any faults before using the equipment.

When the factory floor equipment gets problems, contact us to troubleshoot issues with different kinds of machinery. After identifying the issues, we can then repair and maintain your existing equipment.

Our electricians conduct regularly scheduled electrical maintenances to ensure that machines operate as expected to avoid inconveniencing downtime arising from improper functionalities or break-downs. We need to create and manage reports related to the maintenance and repair of your industrial machinery. This is critical information to help you know whenever your equipment needs an upgrade or a replacement.

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Take advantage of this genuine offer and call RST Electrical Group now for your free estimate if you require reliable solutions for your electrical, commercial, and residential needs. We understand that proper communication etiquette builds respect and trust. We shall treat you with respect and promise never to look down upon you no matter what question or concern you present to us. We are waiting for you.

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Supreme Electricians: Electrifying Results

Charge up your next electrical project with RST Electrical

The Best In West Vancouver

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RST Electrical:

Making Shockwaves Throughout West Vancouver & Surrounding areas

Electrical services need to be done with the highest level of precision and accuracy: otherwise, things can go haywire. Luckily, RST Electrical has both the expertise and technical skills to nail your project in one go. No errors and no faults: just pure optimum service delivered on time, within your budget.

We are a high-quality certified full service electrical company, bonded and insured to guarantee you a safe and secure remodeling of your space. Our team is powered by some of the most experienced electrical contractors in West Vancouver, bringing together top-notch professionalism and knowledge to crush your electrical needs in one shot:

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Pump Some Energy Into Your Building

Discover The Power Of Our Supercharged Services

Residential Services:

Your home deserves the best electrical makeover there is. Let us recharge your residence with our built-to-last electrical services that secure you the results you need on time and designed for consistency. From flawless panel changes, complete service upgrades, up-to-par renovations, and seamless electrical installations to full home electrical inspections, easy installment of smoke detectors and more, RST has got you covered.

Commercial Services:

Taking care of a business’ electrical needs in Vancouver can be challenging. With RST, it doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of our high-powered electrical skills and expertise to secure both the advice and the results you need to take your electrical project to the next level. Sound property maintenance consultancy and bespoke solutions, superb outdoor lighting, standard tenant refurbishments, quick lighting/ballast replacements and more: count on RST Electrical to bring you the services you need.

Industrial Services:

Large-scale industrial electrical services requires the know-how of a reputable team that’ll get the job done right the first time. RST is poised to do so. We cover all the essential services you need to stay on top of your industrial site. From comprehensive troubleshooting to careful motor wiring/hookups and more, our team of expert professionals will power up your project in a flash.

Residential Services:

Panel Changes & Service Upgrades
New Construction Projects
Home Electrical Inspections
Lighting Design/Installation
Aluminum/Copper Rewiring
Any Types of Plugs Replacement
Electrical Heating/Fans
Smoke/Heat Detectors
And much more.

Commercial Services:

Property Maintenance
Tenant Improvements
1 Phase/3 Phase Transformers
Lighting, Ballast Replacing
Special Plugs Replacement
New Service Installations
Relamping Service
Energy Savings Lamps
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Sign Connection
And much more.

Industrial Services:

Motors Wiring/Hook up
And much more.


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RST electrical group is the best . ryan guys did these so beautiful lighting for our back yard stairs . i wanted to say thank you for the ryan team specially from saeid and rass. they really specialist in electrical and very cool guys. the price was very reasonable in comparing with other company . I highly recommended.


austin dale

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They Upgraded my panel. The price was great. I am very impressed with the integrity and workmanship of this company. They take pride in their company and their standards are what i would like to see more of in other companies .I will definitely have them come back in the near future for my other projects.


Iain Greer

photo 2

This company was incredible. Their electrician showed up on time attended upgraded our services to 200 amps and pass the inspection in first time . The installation I need was done in no time to the highest standard to my full satisfaction. That guys cleaned the work area after they were done and didn't try to upsell me. Thank you very much!


Monica Brener

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