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Electrical New Construction Homes and Renovations

Comprehensive Electrical Services for New Builds and Renovations

Embarking on a new construction project or renovating your existing space represents a significant step forward. At RST ELECTRICAL GROUP, we specialize in providing top-tier electrical services tailored for new constructions and renovation projects. Our focus on modern, efficient, and safe electrical installations ensures that your property is not just equipped for today's needs but is future-proofed for tomorrow's innovations.

Our Electrical Services for New Constructions and Renovations

Our suite of services is designed to cover all aspects of electrical work needed for new builds and renovations, ensuring your project's success

200A / 400A Service Upgrades

Ideal for modern homes and commercial spaces that require more power for advanced appliances and technology. These upgrades enhance your property's electrical capacity, ensuring it can handle increased demands now and in the future.

Electrical System Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical systems is crucial for safety, functionality, and energy efficiency. Our comprehensive system upgrades include the latest in electrical innovations, providing you with a reliable and advanced infrastructure.

Panel Changes & Service Upgrades

Essential for both new constructions and renovations, panel changes, and service upgrades improve your electrical system's safety and capacity. Our expert team ensures that your electrical panel meets current standards and your specific energy needs.

Low Rise Wiring

Specializing in electrical wiring for low-rise residential and commercial buildings, we provide efficient, safe, and scalable wiring solutions tailored to your project's requirements.

Any Types of Plugs Replacement

From standard outlets to specialized plugs, our services include the replacement and installation of all plug types. Whether you're updating old outlets or installing new ones to accommodate specific needs, our electricians ensure safe and proper installation.


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Start Your Project with Confidence

Ready to begin your new construction or renovation project with a solid electrical foundation? Contact RST ELECTRICAL GROUP today to discuss your electrical needs. Let us empower your property with the best in electrical services, setting the stage for a brighter, safer, and more efficient future.